The solution is here!

The solution is here!

Welcome to Treepl CMS

Released: 11 September, 2019

When Adobe announced last year that March 2021 will be the end-of-life for the Business Catalyst platform, around 100K BC hosted customers (like you) were left needing to find a new solution for your website ahead of the 2021 deadline.

While many good CMS options exist in the marketplace today (including: Webflow, Duda, Shopify, Wix, Drupal, WordPress, BigCommerce, Squarespace, Concrete5, Magento .. to name a few..), none provide the feature-for-feature compatibility necessary to facilitate a 'migration' in any true sense of the word. In almost all cases, a complete rebuild is the only viable solution. Often requiring additional/multiple custom extensions to retain existing features and functions. This outcome is expensive and problematic, needing full development investment plus 3 to 8 fold increases to monthly operating costs.

From our viewpoint this is an entirely unpalatable proposition. It's a sentiment shared by many fellow BC partners we've collaborated with over the past year.

Our partner discussions evolved rapidly to forming an action group committed to finding a solution that will meet four prerequisite goals:

  1. Provide continuity for BC sites at a fraction of the cost otherwise needed to rebuild them.
  2. Retain pre-existing site functions, features, contents and data.
  3. Enable extensibility for custom apps and integration with remote systems to resolve past limitations with BC.
  4. Offer a better management experience with a familiar interface to minimise the learning-curve.

"I'm pleased to announce that a solution is now ready that comprehensively meets these goals."

Welcome to Treepl CMS...

Treepl CMS is a complete all-in-one content management solution, built to be comparable to Adobe Business Catalyst but vastly more flexible and capable.

The team behind Treepl has worked closely with Adobe for many years building BC apps and sites for BC partners and agencies. Treepl CMS began as a shadow project to provide functionality that BC partners had been demanding from Adobe for some time. Following Adobe's end-of-life announcement, Treepl development went into overdrive with collaboration and support from the global BC partner community.

A robust and future-proof platform has now emerged and I am proud to announce our involvement as an official Treepl CMS Partner.

Treepl is the solution that we'd always anticipated BC would become. Unfortunately Adobe acquired BC to pursue a vision that wasn't consistent with the intentions of its creators or the desires of the community. Advancement slowed and ultimately compromised BC's trajectory. With Treepl CMS, it feels like we're finally back on track, driven by technical innovation and a vibrant, engaged global community of designers, developers and agencies.

Treepl provides the same integral benefits that attracted us to BC. (i.e. A globally distributed secure platform, monitored and maintained by its system engineers to protect sites from being hacked. Eliminating maintenance and versioning costs/issues common with WordPress and other open-source solutions. Providing a wide range of internal features to fit many business models rather being limited to a specific niche.)

Better still, Treepl includes a purpose built migration engine that (depending on site complexity) will transfer between 75% to 95% of your site content and data into Treepl CMS, automating a lot of the heavy lifting. "Migration" is now literally achievable.

This is not to suggest that no effort or investment is required. Both will be necessary. What it does mean is a considerably lower cost to migrate your site to a better and more capable future.

As we commence migration planning and scheduling, now is an opportune time to consider other improvements for your site as some upgrades may be possible within the migration scope.

To finalise a costing and migration plan for your site please schedule a suitable time for us to talk.