Important Message

Important Message

To all Adobe BC hosted customers.

Released: 21 March, 2018

Adobe® has announced the End-of-Life for the Business Catalyst platform (BC). The platform will be  terminated on  26 Mar 2020  (revised/extended: 26 Mar 2021) 

This impacts all Adobe BC hosted customers (approx 80K sites) and profoundly affects Adobe Business Catalyst partners/designers/developers/agencies and clients operating large or complex online businesses; ecommerce stores; online member communities; and member-generated listing portals. All Adobe Muse sites (approx 450K sites) are also affected due to Muse interdependence on the BC platform. If your website is on BC or Muse then be aware that your site is one of ...

over half a million websites to be erased by Adobe in March  2020  2021.  

This announcement has caught all of us in the BC partner community by complete surprise and has spawned a significant, collaborative effort to provide continuity options for our clients and to bring about the tools and technologies necessary to facilitate migration to other platforms.  

This blog is published to serve a number of purposes.  

First and foremost is to inform my BC clients of Adobe's announcement and to outline the steps, options and opportunities ahead.

Second is to provide information to the wider BC community and all BC site owners about the significant work going on behind the scenes within the BC partner community to deliver solutions. 

Beyond all else I realise that Adobe's announcement leaves you with more questions than answers.  I believe the best way to help you navigate this uncertainty is by ensuring you have access to all the facts. 

My advice to everyone at this juncture is to become informed and stay informed. There is sufficient time to make logical and beneficial decisions.  The right way forward requires proper evaluation. You may discover options that appear suitable at first glance but I must stress that leaping on to the first lifeboat you see is highly unlikely to be a prudent decision.  

The BC Partner community has a vested interest in minimising the impact that Adobe's decision has on your business. This blog will provide insight to the incredible, coordinated effort that's now underway by a large number of talented developers, other SaaS platforms and industry leaders.  

Solutions are coming folks. Fast!  

In addition to these efforts I will provide insights and knowledge to whatever choices may be available. As always, I will endeavour to demystify hyperbolic tech into plain English (to the extent possible) and will provide reviews and opinion that won't be sugar coated. 

I recommend reading these posts in the order presented to gain a comprehensive understanding of the situation and the evolving paths ahead. 

Published Mar 27, 2018 by Andy Mundell. Adobe BC Premium Partner since 2007