BC Partner Community

BC Partner Community

BC Partners step up to the plate

Released: 24 March, 2018

The BC Partner Advisory Board, a core group of senior Adobe BC partners (a.k.a PAB) was informed of Adobe's announcement (under strict non disclosure agreement) 7 days ahead of the public announcement.

Immediately following Adobes disclosure to the PAB, a #Slack channel was created to collaborate ideas, consolidate resources and coordinate our efforts. Using #Slack and similar tools is well integrated in our industry and offers an efficient method to funnel many ideas and progress these to conclusions and actions. Combining this with the depth of talent in the BC Partner community plus the shared motivation, needs and goals at hand, has rapidly accelerated into a powerful movement. Legal opinions and implications have been researched; Successful lobbying has been conducted; Alternate platforms have been discussed and shortlisted for function camparisions and deeper compatibility review. Industry leaders have been brought into the conversation and development teams have been assembled to build the capabilities necessary to reduce the heavy lifting for platform migrations.

Being a part of this effort has been a privilege and what's been achieved so far is extraordinary. (To my clients with projects in build wondering why things appear to have stalled, I hope this now makes sense and my apologies for being difficult to reach).

There is opportunity ahead. But before we get into discussing solutions it's necessary to understand what's happened, how we got here, how it affects you (and us), and what we're doing next.

Regrettably Adobe's vision for BC did not align with the vision shared in our community and we have been frustrated in recent years by the lack of progress that Adobe had promised us.  Ultimately, while the shock and disruption caused by Adobe's announcement isn't welcome, it is the catalyst for change.  This will allow us to get back on track to integrate with the very latest technologies that will accelerate your businesses and ours up the value chain. 

Calling all BC Partners!

Following Adobe's public announcement we have opened the BCPAB#Slack Channel to all Adobe BC partners that wish to participate.  

If you are a Business Catalyst Partner with an active Adobe Partner Portal containing multiple clients/sites, and you would like to join the conversation then please email to request an invitation. 

We'd love to have you on board.